The 37th JSST Annual International Conference on Simulation Technologyで発表を行いました

9月18日から20日にかけて室蘭工業大学で開催されたJSST 2018で発表を行いました.

・Kladphet Thanet, Thai Van Phuoc, Shinnosuke Abe, Kazumasa Takahashi, Toru Sasaki and Takashi Kikuchi, “Numerical simulation of chemical compositions and its concentrations in solution by atmospheric pressure plasma irradiation”, P-17
・Kyoko Fujiwara, Takashi Kikuchi, Toru Sasaki, Kazumasa Takahashi, Fumihiro Tamura, Akira Tokuchi, ”Numerical modeling and simulation for linear Rogowski coil in lumped and distributed circuits”, P-19